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Women Writing Horror and Poetry Collections


The Horror Writers Association presented their tenth annual Poetry Showcase, sharing the best in never-before-published dark verse. Edited by Angela Yuriko Smith, I was delighted to see my poem 'Lambs Tails' included in the publication. Another showcase of poetry from some of the darkest and most lyrical voices of women in horror came together in UNDER HER EYE. Following the success of Under Her Skin, it featured the best in never-before-published dark verse and lyrical prose from the voices of Women in Horror, themed on domestic horror and the terror women too often experience in their own homes. Edited by Lindy Ryan and Lee Murray, UNDER HER EYE celebrates women in horror from cover to cover. In addition to poems contributed by over one hundred poets worldwide, the collection features poems from Stephanie M. Wytovich and many more. The Pixel Project shares videos of some of the poets reading their poems. I was pleased to read Her Bravest Day without a glitch, as it's a long poem!

For fans of dark poetry and experimental horror, check out Madness Heart Press. They publish indie horror, focusing on the transgressive and experimental. They are open to submission right now for dark poetry and are publishing my next novel, Wolf Incarnate, in June 2004, which combines horror with dark poetry to tell a psychologically driven story.



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