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Drawing on real life and literary heroines

“A startling and melancholic chapbook of dark poems, The Black Widow addresses injustice, abuse, and trauma, and is a stark indictment on society’s indifference to the voices and suffering of women. Drawing on real-life and literary scenarios, Worthington’s poetry is brimming with unconscionable pain. A poet to watch.” —Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award®-winning poet and author of Tortured Willows

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“Resonant and familiar, Worthington’s poetry fills the hollows for women’s voices silenced by abuse. Scathing yet sensitive, The Black Widow is a lens by which to examine injustice, trauma, and pain, and the dark secrets often hidden behind closed doors.” –Lindy Ryan, award-winning author and editor of Under Her Skin

Flash Fiction, Short Stories & Prose Poetry

'Louise delights us with her dark tales from the macabre to the poignant, we are fed a sumptuous banquet of love, death, betrayal, abuse, unfaithfulness, murder, violence, suicide, despair and troubled mental states. Her insight into the flaws of the human condition and the innermost thoughts and feelings , as well as the actions, that human beings are capable of are both authentic and moving.' Louise Stokes

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