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Psychological thrillers and the rise of females who writer - and read

Since the release of Gone Girl in 2012, women writers have transformed the world of crime fiction. They offer fresh perspectives and challenge traditional gender roles, exploring topics like domestic abuse and toxic relationships. These female authors have also experimented with narrative techniques, such as unreliable narrators, adding a new twist to the genre. Their success has opened doors for other aspiring women authors and shown publishers there is demand for diverse voices in crime fiction. However, using sensitive issues for commercial gain can still perpetuate violence against women. Some argue that consuming this type of fiction can be seen as a feminist act, while others view it as a reaction to women sharing their own narratives. Female thriller authors also shed light on taboos and struggles facing women, such as achieving equality and balancing motherhood with a career outside the home. They also explore class dynamics and the often invisible women who support others while living precarious lives.

It is good news to see a rise in female authors of psychological thrillers when the biggest consumers are women. I can't wait to get stuck into some of these forthcoming releases.



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