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A Serial Killer Horror Thriller

The Entrepreneur skilfully combines horror, psychological suspense and a chilling serial killer. Perfect for fans of Kristi DeMeester and Ania Ahlborn.

Five young entrepreneurs compete in a new reality TV show to scoop two prizes worth 1 million pounds. Power-hungry Steph enlists the support of serial killer Jonny Lang with her black market business idea of marketing and selling “murderabilia”. The dangerous business model proves lucrative but the moral question it raises is intensified when the father of a suspected murder victim of Lang becomes aware of the show and sees his chance for justice.

It's not just a mutual love of art that Simon finds attractive about Hope. Relationships become strained as the deadline approaches. Intense power games were anticipated in the business hot-house, but not from Jonny behind bars. When one housemate is found dead on the beach house patio, even the whisper of the sea sounds frightening.

"A gritty, dark and multi-layered read for fans of serial killer horror- thrillers. One psychologically scary book. Loved it." CS Reviews

TW: violence and gore.

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Published on 14th September 2021.

Available in: audiobook, ebook, paperback

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