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Self-love is often the hardest love to give

A New Year. I've made a mental list of resolutions and it's only the 6th January and one of them has crashed and burned (not the one in the photo! If you're wondering what the title of the book is on the coffee table, it's Yoga for Stiff Birds...). As always, I've set my Reading Challenge on Goodreads - 50 books. I didn't quite make it in 2023 but I've made a cracking start this year getting M.R.Carey's Fellside under my belt and I'm currently in the middle of The Illustrated Man by Rad Bradbury. Both superb reads. The title to this ramble comes from some of the messages in Distorted Days and the story of Doris. It's women's psychological fiction. It felt apt for this time of year and if you haven't read it and want a heartrending story, give it a try. This one has a happy ending. Mostly.

June 2024 will see the publication of my latest novel, Wolf Hotel, a psychological horror. I am excited about working with a new publisher, Madness Heart Press and the talented writer and editor, John Baltisberger. I look forward to sharing more news about that soon!

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Lastly, and most importantly, Happy New Year to you. All the best for a happy and healthy New Year. Louise

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