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IN HER HEAD. The Best Psychological Horror Novel


A Head Full of Ghosts is the best horror novel I have read! It is well-written, thought-provoking and scary. It’s both psychological horror and demonic possession horror and its impact comes from a family dynamic that feels very real and an unreliable narrator that leaves more questions than answers in your mind.

I loved all the horror book and movie references and the implication that they provided the material for Majorie’s fake possession. Or was it real? A cry for help from a surly teenager? Or is she suffering from schizophrenia and not taking her medication? Is it her sister, Merry, who is making it all up, or remembering incorrectly?

At first, I found the narrative switch to a blog disturbed the flow of the story but it grew on me and provided another layer to the terrifying events in the household.

An original story. *****



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