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Harlech Beach - pure beauty for crime fiction

I recently visited Harlech in Snowdonia for the first time. The beach is a stunning stretch of pure gold. As you can see from the photograph, Wilson had a ball! Not literally..

Crime Fiction

Looking inland, Harlech Castle dominates the skyline, a symbol of past conflict. It's an unexpectedly large castle dating back to the thirteenth century, now a World Heritage Site. As I walked along the beach with the roar of the sea and wind in my ears, I was struck by the beauty of the place, and its enormous potential as a setting for a killing! Fictional, of course!

On my return, I discovered another author had had the same thought. Namely, Simon McLeave and his popular murder mystery, The Harlech Beach Killings.

Horror Fiction

The horror readers among you might like to check out Return To Harlech by Ruth Torjussen described on Amazon as 'a metaphor for the way out of our current ecological crisis, this slow-burning, thought-provoking and entertaining horror will leave you intrigued and shocked!' This revenge horror sounds intriguing - and I love the front cover.

Other Genres

For readers interested in Welsh writing, the historical romance Gladys of Harlech is worth a look, first published anonymously in 1858. The novel is set during the Wars of the Roses in the mid-15th century and tells the story of Gladys, granddaughter of the last Welsh keeper of Harlech, and her family.

My Next Novel: Terror and Truth

My next novel coming out in 2024 is also set in Snowdonia. It's the perfect setting for terror and truth! I can't wait to share more about that very soon.



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