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Contemporary gothic-tinged novel, a new release

A new release about a haunted house where every room has a story!

It was a pleasure to meet author Kaaron Warren at Crimefest, the Crime Writers' Conference in Bristol this month. Kaaron flew over from Australia where she lives to contribute to the panels over the four days and take part in a spot of book signing. I was able to gush about my enjoyment of Tide of Stone (my review is on Goodreads) and how great it was to have representation of the horror thriller sub-genre at the conference by such an original writer. Known for her horror and speculative fiction, (a Bram Stoker nominee no less), her new release, The Under History is a part haunted house mystery and part hostage thriller. I started reading it on the train on my way home from Bristol and as expected from this talented author, it's superbly written, original and very creepy. Check out Kaaron's books here and happy reading.

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