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Something deadly blooms in this brilliantly dark and moving domestic thriller, Rachel's Garden.

When Rachel and her husband Adam move to Maple Cottage in remote Cheshire, it should be the fulfilment of their dream to start a family.

Haunted by her past and challenged by events around her, Rachel finds that her home is not the sanctuary she envisaged—and neither is her marriage. Adam’s temper rages when he discovers he is infertile. She seeks solace in the arms of her gardener and falls pregnant.

Dreams become reality—and a garden grows, but as every gardener knows, even the most beautiful plants can be poisonous.

Can Rachel find the happiness she craves, or will the toxic past take root and lead her down a dark path?

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Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Published on 15th February 2021.

Available in: Paperback, ebook, audiobook

ISBN: 1913942244

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