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Front cover of Willow Weeps showing a ghostly tree

A Gothic Suspense

A gothic-inspired suspense about two women's psychological and physical battles in the chaos of existence. With no logic in their worlds and only their love for a younger sibling to navigate by, this deep-laid story is sure to linger.

Willow thought she'd never be able to move on from the death of her sister until she fell for Paul, a divorcee and father of one. When Willow, Paul, and his daughter move into a historic apartment building, Willow starts to rebuild her life, but the reappearance of her sister's ghost makes her question whether the fresh start she's found is real.

As her best friend is mysteriously attacked, Willow's world unravels and becomes entangled with Lily's. Can they figure out who the enemy is and unlock the truth before it's too late?

Publisher: Red Escape Publishing

Ebook, paperback, audiobook

ISBN:‎ 978-1789728651

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