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Stained Glass Lives front cover (2)amazon.jpg

Flash Fiction and Short Stories

Sometimes tender, sometimes harsh.This collection of short stories and flash fiction explores loss, female power and the power of distorted thought, as well as creating stark portraits of family, violence and revenge. The characters are flawed and visceral, from ghosts, daughters, mothers, wives, to taxi drivers, teachers, a frail widow and a mercenary shop assistant.'


Louise delights us with her dark tales from the macabre to the poignant, we are fed a sumptuous banquet of love, death, betrayal, abuse, unfaithfulness, murder, violence, suicide, despair and troubled mental states. Her insight into the flaws of the human condition and the innermost thoughts and feelings , as well as the actions, that human beings are capable of are both authentic and moving.' Louise Stokes'


Combining astute observation with vivid imagination, Stained Glass Lives shows us stories unfolding in a multitude of colours. From coping with the mortality of beloved parents, to dealing with troubled children, to domestic abuse, to the surreal dreams and stifled hopes we all experience, Louise Worthington weaves wonderful images and engages all of the reader’s senses.' Debbi Vosey

Publisher: Red Escape Publishing

Published on 29th June 2020

Available in: Paperback, ebook, audiobook

ISBN:  978-1789728620

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